Hospital Beds in Dubai

Different Types of Hospital Beds

What is a hospital bed?

A hospital bed is a bed that is designed for individuals who typically require medical care/attention and features greater versatility, mobility, security and comfort compared to regular beds, among other specialized functions and features.

How many different types of hospital beds are there?

There is a wide range of hospital beds available, which may be categorized into three main types of hospital bed options:

1. Manual hospital beds

2. Semi-electric hospital beds

3. Full Electric hospital beds


How many adjustments can my hospital bed perform?

The adjustments that can be done on your hospital bed depends on how many functions your bed has to offer and may differ whether it is a manual hospital bed or a full electric hospital bed. For example, there are some manual hospital beds that are single crank/1-function (only backrest adjustable), while others are three crank/3-function (backrest, footrest, and bed height adjustable).

Typically for the full electric hospital beds, many models are available as a three-function (backrest, footrest, and bed height adjustable) whereas some models have additional functions such as Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg positions, CPR function etc. 


1) Manual Hospital Beds

Manual hospital beds make use of hand cranks for the adjustments (e.g. Headrest/Footrest/Bed height, depending on the bed functions) mechanically. The hand cranks are generally located in the foot of the bed. Depending on the available functions of the bed, it may have more than one crank for each adjustment function (i.e. one hand crank for the headrest adjustment, one hand crank for the footrest adjustment, etc.)


1) Budget-friendly

2) Does not require electricity to operate/make the adjustments


1) Caretaker is required to physically/manually make the relative adjustments using the hand cranks 

2) Semi-electric Hospital Beds

Semi-electric hospital beds are the middle ground between manual hospital beds and full electric hospital beds. In this type of medical bed, typically the headrest and footrests can be electrically adjusted while the overall height is adjusted manually using a hand crank.


1) Budget-friendly, compared to full electric hospital beds

2) Headrest and footrest can be adjusted easily using the button controls


1) Caretaker is required to physically/manually adjust the hospital bed's height using the hand cranks 

2) Increased likelihood to require maintenance/servicing for parts such as the motor

3) Full electric Hospital Beds

All adjustments in a full electric hospital bed are made by motor controls that adjust the different features in the hospital bed (e.g. headrest, footrest, height, etc.). These adjustments are made by the push of a button/s either on the remote control handset or on the bed's side/foot panel controls (Depending on what is included in your hospital bed). Some full electric hospital beds feature additional functions such as Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg positions, CPR function, etc. Full electric hospital beds typically require to be plugged into an electricity source to operate. 


1) Easily make adjustments to the bed's height, headrest, footrest, etc. using the button controls

2) Added convenience to the caretaker and the patient

3) Increased comfort for the patient

4) Some models may include more features compared to manual hospital beds (e.g. CPR function, etc.)


1) Higher cost compared to manual hospital beds 

2) Increased likelihood to require maintenance/servicing for parts such as the motor


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