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AVEUS AV-Heart Care AED Defibrillator

AVEUS AV-Heart Care AED Defibrillator

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An easy-to-use Semi Automatic AED Defibrillator which is reliable and durable.

Features & Specifications:

  • Streamlined workflow for time-saving, as simple as "Open and power on"
  • CPR with voice guidance
  • Vivid operation guide as voice guidance throughout the process
  • One-button switch multi-languages
  • One-button switch patient type (Efibrillation energy, compression frequency are set up automatically)
  • Pre-connected electrodes (suitable for adults and children* with clear instruction)
  • IP55 dustproof and waterproof
  • High and low temperature resistance
  • 1.5m anti-drop
  • Complies with EN1789 Ambulance Transport Standard
  • Battery life up to 8 years
  • Net Weight (N.W.): 2kg

* Only adult electrodes are included in the standard unit purchase; Children electrodes are sold separately

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